Counselling Psychologist and Emotion Focused Therapist

Offering Emotion Focused Therapy and Emotion Focused professional supervision.

Counselling Psychologist
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I’m Immogen O’Connor.

Hello and thank you for browsing my website!

I am a Psychologist, Emotion Focused Therapist, and Board Approved Supervisor.

I believe that a healthy emotional system is key to a sense of wellbeing, purpose, and satisfying relationships.

Disruptions to our emotional system can lead to chronic anxiety, depression, poor relationships, and other psychological difficulties.
My passion is to help people understand their emotions, restore emotional functioning and recover their innate emotional potential.

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What I do

Work with Immogen

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Therapy & Counselling

I am a Masters trained Counselling Psychologist and Internationally Certified Emotion Focused Therapist.

I facilitate a safe non-judgmental therapeutic space for people to share and explore their most sensitive and difficult issues.

I take a holistic perspective on mental health and see people as physical, cognitive and emotional beings. As such, I aim to help clients develop a sense of integration between body, mind and heart (our emotional system).

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Professional Supervision

I offer supervision to practitioners wanting to develop their therapeutic skills and build a professional identity. I am passionate about supporting early career psychologists and counselors to thrive in private practice.

I supervise from an Emotion Focused perspective, which is particularly beneficial for practitioners wanting to develop their skills in Emotion Focused Therapy or other process-experiential psychotherapy. I am working towards certification and an Emotion Focused Supervisor. Once certified, I will be able to guide therapists through Level 3 training to become a certified Emotion Focused Therapist.

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My Story

I have been working as a psychologist in private practice for 8 years. Before that I was working as a counsellor in the public sector. I completed my Bachelor in Psychological Sciences (with Honours) and Master of Counselling Psychology at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

I was first introduced to Emotion Focused Therapy in 2014 and have been immersed in this approach ever since. I am trained and certified as an Emotion Focused Therapist through the Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (AIEFT –

Prior to discovering Emotion Focused Therapy, I was exposed to several other therapeutic approaches, primarily Cognitive Behavioural approaches. I found these approaches useful and of benefit to clients. However, many of my clients spoke about deep emotional pain, chronic anxiety and depression, or damaging behaviour patterns that they could not shift through these cognitive behavioural approaches. Often these clients had months or years of therapy under their belt and were looking for something different. This feedback fuelled my search for a therapeutic approach that worked directly with the emotional system.

If you are curious, you can find out more about Emotion Focused Therapy from the AIEFT website –